Our Company can assist the customer to project and study classic elevator both hydraulic and electric with low consuption.

We can supply standard elevators to luxury cabin in building with many floors, always considering the customer’s different aesthetic taste.

Hydraulic elevators are strong, safe and reliable. We can install them up to 6/8 floors and they don’t have a load limit! Thanks to the project, the cabin and load don’t have a maximun possible measure. We can install them in big industries for heavy and voluminous goods. We can move between floors cars and trailer truck if necessary.
In residential building they have been working for several years with no problems.

Eletric Elevator can be installed in every building but especially for higher travel and high traffic where speed and low consuptions are very important. The standard speed for these elevator is 1,6 m/sec, that means 1 floor every two seconds. But electric elevators can reach speed much more higher. They are silent and they don’t need a machine room. So… you can install them in both in new and old buildings.
Our range of product has electric elevator working with 220 Volts!

In every case, even if you chose an idraulic or electric one, we can be etremely flexible for aestethic finishings. For sure, we’ll meet the customer needs. Cabin and door can be cladded in many different materials!

We can install any elevator in new or old building. Call us for free informations!



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